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Plasticulture Program
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Market Coordinator
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Oklahoma Plasticulture Program Information
The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry designed the Plasticulture Program in 2005 to help smaller farmers. Our agency with additional funding assistance provided in 2008 by the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program has been able to increase the number of limited resource farmers producing specialty crops.  Applications will be limited to participants with forty (40) acres or less.  The applicant is responsible for the preparation of the plot by having the following items ready.
  1. The maximum plot size is one (1) acre, but can be less
  2. The land must be ready and prepared for application
  3. Must have adequate water supply for irrigation
  4. Applicant will supply any fertilizer or other chemicals needed
  5. Applicant will do the planting and harvesting
  6. Remove and dispose of all plastic, irrigation tubing and any other materials associated with the project.
Plasticulture Equipment
Oklahoma Plasticulture Program Application

If your application is not approved this year it will be put on file for next year. Limited number of applications are approved due to limited funding and budget restraints.

Plasticulture Program Application
Benefits of Plasticulture

  • Earliness
  •  Weed control
  • Water conservation
  • Reduction in nutrient leaching
  • Alleviation of soil compaction
  • Reduction in root pruning
  • Improved quality Greater yield

Plasticulture Plants

Oklahoma Plasticulture Program Photos and Videos

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