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Education Programs
Dana Bessinger, Cheri Long, Audrey Harmon
Market Coordinators
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The Ag in the Classroom program assists teachers in teaching children about the importance of agriculture and gives them a better understanding of how the food and fiber system affects their lives. Ag in the Classroom curriculum has been developed for grades Pre K-8th, and the division conducts teacher training through workshops and in-service programs held at many sites across the state.  Lesson plans are available from the website below to assist teachers in Agriculture related studies.
Environmental & Sustainable Agriculture Program

The Department's mission as facilitator of the program state-wide is to work toward the goal of sustainability for Oklahoma agriculture by meeting the identified needs and support the creativity of Oklahoma's underserved farmers and ranchers. Included are on-site demonstrations, workshops, field trips, and speaker presentations on diverse topics with many farmers, ranchers, agencies, academic, non-profit and local partners.