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4545 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 175
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
10 AM September 14, 2000


    1. The following apprenticeship registrations were approved:
    1. Stefanee Rena Shaw, Eisenhour, OKC (original)
    2. Bobby Jones, Watts, Madill (original)
    3. Timothy William Dwyer, Fallon M.S., OKC (1st extension)
    4. Caleb J. Pierce, Bishop’s, McAlester (original)
    5. Marshall G. McClatchey, Roesch-Walker, Shawnee (1st extension)
    6. Lydell R. Barton, Temple, OKC (original)
    7. Terry J. Homan, Fallon M.S., OKC (1st extension)
    8. Vanya VaRay Neeley, Hackney-Gish, Hobart (original)
    9. Jolene Sue Mosler, Guardian Midtown, OKC (original)
    10. Rick L. Baird, Guardian Mayes, Norman (1st extension)
    11. Sandy Jolene Geeslin, Hahn-Cook/Street&Draper, OKC (original)
    12. Jodi Bryce, Fallon M.S., OKC (2nd apprenticeship)
    13. Edna Irene Burch, Brown-Sisson, Perry (original)
    14. Jenny Boydston, Brown F.H., Luther (change of employment)
    1. The following Funeral Director/Embalmer (original license) were approved
    1. Chad Deaton, Edmond
    2. William E. Cox, OKC
    3. Jeff T. Walker, Cameron (f.d. only)
    4. Under new business the licenses of Cecil Lee were reinstated
    1. The following Funeral Director/Embalmer (reciprocal) license was approved

i. Glenda Holland, Elk City

    1. The following requests for FDIC of multiple establishments were approved
    1. Marvin B. Watts, Jr. request to serve as multiple FDIC of Watts in Tishomingo and Wapanucka
    2. Billy Cotton request to serve as multiple FDIC of Chaney’s, McAlester and Jones, Wilburton
    1. The following Funeral Establishments licenses were approved
      1. Watts F.H., Tishomingo (change of name & ownership) formerly Corbin (subject to inspection)
      2. Flanagan-Watts F.H., Marietta (change of name & ownership) formerly Kennedy (subject to inspection)
      3. Jones F H., Wilburton (change FDIC)
      4. Burial Associations: under new business the Board acknowledged the closing of the Washington County B/A serviced by Neekamp F.H., Bartlesville.

        The Board took the following action on the complaints as listed:

    1. 00-38 Advertising, dismissed letter of warning
    2. 00-39 Advertising, dismissed – no violation
    3. 00-41 Non-licensed embalmer, dismissed – withdrawn by complaintant
    4. 00-46 Advertising, dismissed – letter of warning
    5. 01-01 Advertising, dismissed – letter of warning
    6. 01-04 Solicitation, dismissed without prejudice
    7. 01-07 Advertising, dismissed – letter of warning
    8. 01-08 Advertising, dismissed – letter of warning
    9. 01-09 Changing funeral homes – dismissed, no violation
    10. 01-10 Solicitation – dismissed - no violation
    11. 01-11 Solicitation – dismissed – no violation
    12. 01-12 Refusing summons – dismissed, no violation
    13. 01-13 Pre-need – found probable cause effective on September 28, 2000 when Order of Ins. Commissioner becomes final
    14. 00-44 Failure to release remains, complaint amended to include non-licensed director and preneed- found probable cause and consolidated with 00-47
    15. 01-14 Fee dispute, setting grave marker – dismissed – withdrawn by complaintant
    16. 01-15 Burial Association – dismissed - no violation

The Board took no action on J. Bryan Spivey request to approve discount certificates.

Executive Secretary/Treasurer reported the Board will be sending all funeral establishments a print out of information contained in the Board’s database to ensure accuracy.

Their being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:30AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry McEnany

Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Oklahoma State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors
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