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MEETING PLACE:             4545 N. Lincoln Blvd., Brown Room
            Oklahoma City, OK 73105

DATE & TIME:  10 AM February 8, 2001

The meeting convened at 10AM all Board members were present.

The Board approved minutes of the January 11, 2001 meeting.

In the matter requiring Administrative Hearing.  The State of Oklahoma, ex rel. State

Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, Petitioner, vs. the Byron Mitchell and Mitchell Funeral Home of Tulsa respondents.  Case No. ADM 00-0050 for alleged violations: 

a.       First Cause of Action 59 O.S. §396.12c(9); OAC 235:10-5-1c&d;

                  OAC 235:10-3-2(13); and OAC 235:10-7-2b(7)(8)

b.      Second Cause of Action OAC 235:10-7-2(7)

c.       Third Cause of Action OAC 235:10-7-2(6)

d.      Fourth Cause of Action OAC 235:10-7-2(10)

e.       Fifth Cause of Action  OAC 235:10-7-2(15)

f.        Sixth Cause of Action OAC 235:10-7-2(1) & (14)

The Board dismissed the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th cause of action without prejudice.  The Board found by clear and convincing evidence the allegations of fact and conclusions of law found in the notice of hearing were true.  Byron Mitchell’s funeral director and embalmers license and Mitchell’s F.H. establishment license were revoked.  Byron Mitchell was fined ten thousand dollars.

In the matter requiring Administrative Hearing.  The State of Oklahoma, ex rel. State

Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, Petitioner, vs Alan Graham,Sr. and the Neekamp Funeral Home of Bartlesville respondents.  Case No.ADM 00-0056 for alleged violation of OAC 235:10-7-2(b)(6).  The Board and respondent accepted a consent order in which the respondents acknowledged the findings of fact and conclusions of law contained in the Notice of Hearing were true.  Alan Graham surrendered his funeral directors and embalmers license.  Alan Graham was fined ten thousand dollars and the Neekamp Funeral Home fined five thousand dollars.

The Board approved the following apprenticeship registrations:

i.        Zac McMinn, Smith & Kernke, OKC (1st extension)

ii.       Karen Denise Woods, Eisenhour, Midwest City (original)

iii.     Ricky Joe Clayton, Spivey’s Reser F.H., Healdton (original)

iv.     Elbert Lewis Stacy Jones, Vondel L. Smith & Son (North), OKC (original)

v.      Marcus Royal, Vondel L. Smith & Son (South), OKC (original)

vi.     Kevin Martin, Martin F.H., Elk City (original)

vii.   Stephanie Dodson-Campbell, Mobley-Dodson F.S., Sand Springs (original)

viii.  Bryan Lee, Bill Eisenhour, OKC (1st extension)

ix.     David N. Sanders, Branstetter-Merritt F.H., OKC (original)

x.      Mark Riley, Agent F.H., Sallisaw (2nd extension) under new business

The Board issued the following Funeral Director/Embalmer (original license):

i.        Solon Daniels, Warr Acres (f.d.only)

ii.       Brad Reents, OKC

iii.     Melinda Kay McAlister, Ardmore (f.d.only)

iv.     Robert D. Cory, OKC (f.d. only)

v.      Michael J. Adkins, OKC

Under new business the Board approved Tom Turnipseed’s request to serve as FDIC of Smith’s in Anadarko and Fort Cobb.

 The Board approved the following funeral establishments license changes:

i.        Neekamp F.H., Bartlesville (change FDIC)

ii.       Parks Bros. F.H., Prague (change FDIC)

iii.     Whinery-Huddleston, Lawton (change FDIC)

iv.     Bill Merritt’s F.S., OKC (location closed)

v.      Bill Merritt’s Choice F.S., Yukon (location closed)

vi.     Bill Merritt’s Choice F.S., Mustang (location closed)

vii.   Keisau F.H., Clinton (change FDIC)

viii.  Black Shipman & Merritt F.S. (change of name) under new business

 The Board acknowledged closing of the  Mayes B.A., Norman serviced by Guardian Mayes F.H., Norman.

 Complaint  01-29 advertising and protective order were dismissed.  The matter concerning the protection order was found outside the jurisdiction of the Board and no advertising violations found.

 Complaint 01-30 failure to file death certificate was dismissed.  The complainant advised the Board she had received the death certificates and an apology and considered the matter resolved.

 Pam Lawson, State Anatomical Board, appeared to discuss the Anatomical Gift Act provision requiring unclaimed bodies be offered to the Anatomical Board.  President Harris appointed a committee to review the matter and make a recommendation at the next meeting.

 Guardian Midtown, OKC was provided information from Mortuary Law, Stueve-Guilligan, regarding discounts on package prices.

 William Summitt was provided a copy of O.A.C. 235: 10-3-6 regarding reciprocity.

 The meeting adjourned at 1:20PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

 /s/ Terry McEnany

Executive Secretary/Treasurer

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