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How can I obtain additional service credit? Members may purchase service for employment in the <a href=''http://www.ok.gov/TRS/documents/Verification%20of%20Out%20Of%20State%20Service.pdf''>public schools of other states, District of Columbia and territories of the United States</a> to obtain additional credited service. Other ways to purchase credit include Service for six months or more in the <a href=''http://www.ok.gov/TRS/documents/Verification%20of%20Military%20Service.pdf''>U.S. Armed Forces and Peace Corps</a> (at least 180 days) or employment as a member of the other public retirement systems operated by the state of Oklahoma <a href=''http://www.ok.gov/triton/contact.php?ac=83&id=83''>contact OTRS.</a> Teachers' Retirement System - TRS

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