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If I leave covered employment and do not have 5 years of service credit (not vested), what are my options in reference to my contributions? As an inactive member, you are not required to withdraw your funds immediately. Your account will continue to accrue interest for up to five years. However, you should <a href=''http://www.ok.gov/triton/contact.php?ac=83&id=83''>contact OTRS</a> for information on your options. Generally, you should consider withdrawing your deposits and any applicable interest unless you plan on returning to covered employment within five years. Be sure to keep OTRS informed of your current home mailing address. With less than 5 years of service, there are three options: You may leave contributions in the system for up to five years. If you don't resume active participation by the beginning of the sixth year, your account will be terminated and no additional interest will accrue on the account, or You may withdraw all retirement contributions and refundable interest at termination of employment. Your contributions are only refunded at your request and cannot be made until at least four months after termination of employment, or Any tax deferred contributions and interest may be transferred to an IRA or another qualified tax-deferred savings plan. Teachers' Retirement System - TRS

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