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I'm relocating to Oklahoma. How can I find which school districts serve the area I'm moving into? If you are new to Oklahoma, it is important for you to know that school district boundaries DO NOT follow city limit boundaries, county boundaries, zip code boundaries, or any other boundaries. The best way to find the correct local school is 1) start with the name of the city used in the residential mailing address; 2) call the superintendent's office for the school district with that same name; 3) provide the residential street address or location to the superintendent's staff. If it is not in the district, the staff will tell you which neighboring district the residence is within. It is also important to ask the type of district in which the residence is located. Oklahoma has elementary school districts and independent school districts. Elementary, or dependent, districts only offer kindergarten through the eighth grade. After the eighth grade, students must transfer to a neighboring independent district for grades 9 through 12. In this case, you may want to review information about both districts by accessing the Profiles: District Report and The School Report Cards. Education Oversight Board-Office of Accountability
District & State Reports for Education - Office of Accountability

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