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What are some of the duties of the county clerk? The County Clerk is a Constitutional Office and their duties have been set out in the state statutes by the legislature. Generally, the county clerk's duties can be categorized as: - Registrar of Deeds - all documents related to property (real estate) interests, such as deeds, mortgages, liens and mineral interests from 1890 to the present are filed and permanently kept by the County Clerk - Secretary - By law the County Clerk serves as the secretary to numerous county boards, such as the Board of County Commissioners, Excise/Equalization Boards, and Tax Roll Correction Board. As such, the Clerk is the custodian of all county board records. Those records are available for the public to view or be copied under the State's Open Records Act. - Purchasing Agent - The County Clerk or their designee is the Purchasing Agent for the County. However, in a Budget Board County the Purchasing Agent may be appointed by the Budget Board. - Finance Officer - Under the umbrella of Finance, the County Clerk handles the county's Accounts Payable, Payroll, inventory, and budget. They are the encumbering officer for the county. They act as a checks and balance to the County Treasurer who handles the accounts receivables. - Administrator - Administration within the County Clerk's Office includes office-wide Information Technology, Human Resource and county-wide Benefits. OK.gov
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