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How does the Oklahoma Abstractors Board handle complaints? After a complaint is initiated, the Board shall review the complaint to determine if the alleged acts of the respondent constitute a violation of abstractor's law and regulations or OAB's orders and if it is reasonable that the claim can be supported with sufficient evidence. If the complaint fails this review, the Board shall respond to the complainant, explaining the reason(s) why the complaint will not be acted upon. If the complaint passes the review, the Board may: 1. Order the respondent to provide, within 10 working days, a written response to the allegations; 2. Attempt an informal resolution; 3. Initiate an investigation; 4. Conduct an inspection of the abstract company; and/or 5. Terminate the investigation when it appears there is no violation of law or rules and regulations, or when it clearly appears there is not sufficient evidence to support such a claim. Upon conclusion of an investigation of a complaint, if agreement can not be reached on an informal resolution to the complaint, the complainant may exercise the right to a formal complaint procedure on the allegations against the abstractor. Abstractors Board, Oklahoma - OAB
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