Territorial Governors

Name Party Term DOB/DOD Occupations
George Washington Steele * R 1890-1891 Born 12/13/1839, Indiana
Died 7/12/1922, Indiana
Lawyer, Public Service
Robert Martin R 1891-1892 Born 1833, Pennsylvania
Died 3/2/1897, Guthrie, OK
Lawyer, Mayor
Abraham Jefferson Seay R 1892-1893 Born 11/28/1832, Virginia
Died 12/22/1915, Kingfisher, OK
Lawyer, Judge, Banker
William Cary Renfrow * D 1893-1897 Born 3/15/1845, N. Carolina
Buried in Arkansas, 1/31/1922
Military, Banker, Oil & Gas
Cassius McDonald Barnes R 1897-1901 Born 8/25/1845, New York
Died 2/19/1925, buried in Guthrie
Military, US Marshal, Banker
William Miller Jenkins * R 5/01-11/01 Born 4/25/1856, Ohio
Died 10/19/1941, Sapulpa, OK
Lawyer, Secretary of Territory
William C. Grimes R Acting Gov
Born 11/6/1857, Ohio
Died 4/8/1931, California
Newspaper Publisher, Sheriff, US Marshal
Thompson Benton Ferguson R 1901-1906 Born 3/17/1857, Iowa
Died 2/14/1921, Watonga, OK
Teacher, Minister, Editor, Postmaster
Frank Frantz * R 1906-1907 Born 5/7/1872, Illinois
Died 5/9/1941, Oklahoma
Rough Rider, Postmaster, Indian Agent


Governors Since Statehood

Name Party Term DOB/DOD Occupations
Charles Nathaniel Haskell * D 1907-1911 Born 3/13/1860, Ohio
Died 7/5/1933, Muskogee, OK
Lawyer, Oil
Lee Cruce D 1911-1915 Born 7/8/1863, Kentucky
Died 1/16/1933, California
Lawyer, Banker
Robert Lee Williams D 1915-1919 Born 12/20/1868, Alabama
Died 4/10/1948, Durant, OK
Lawyer, Chief Justice, District Judge, Circuit Judge
James Brooks Ayers Robertson D 1919-1923 Born 3/15/1871, Iowa
Died 3/7/1938, OKC
Lawyer, Co. Attorney, Judge
Jack Callaway Walton * D Jan 1923-Nov 1923 Born 3/6/1881, Indiana
Died 11/25/1949, OKC
Commissioner of Public Works, Mayor, Corporation Commission
Martin Edwin Trapp D 1923-1927 Born 4/18/1877, Kansas
Died 7/26/1951, OKC
County Clerk, State Auditor, Lt. Gov., Investment Securities
Henry Simpson Johnston * D 1/1927-3/1929 Born 12/30/1867, Indiana
Died 1/7/1965, Perry, OK
William Judson Holloway D 1929-1931 Born 12/15/1888, Arkansas
Died 1/28/1970, OKC
HS Principal, Lawyer, County Attny, St. Senator, Lt. Gov.
William Henry Murray D 1931-1935 Born 11/21/1869, Texas
Died 10/15/1956, unknown
Laborer, Teacher, Editor, Lawyer, Speaker of OK House, established colony in Bolivia, S.A.
Ernest Whitworth Marland D 1935-1939 Born 5/8/1874, Pennsylvania
Died 10/3/1941, Oklahoma
Lawyer, Oil, Congressman
Leon Chase Phillips D 1939-1943 Born 12/9/1890, Missouri
Died 3/27/1958, Okemah, OK
Lawyer, State Rep., Speaker
Robert Samuel Kerr D 1943-1947 Born 9/11/1896, Ada, OK
Died 1/1/1963, Ada, OK
Lawyer, Oil, U.S. Senator
Roy Joseph Turner D 1947-1951 Born 11/6/1894, Oklahoma
Died 6/11/1973, OKC
Bookkeeper, Salesman, Real Estate, Oil, Rancher
Johnston Murray D 1951-1955 Born 7/21/02, Oklahoma
Died 4/16/74, Tishomingo, OK
Father was former Gov., Rancher in Bolivia, Lawyer
Raymond Dancel Gary * D 1955-1959 Born 1/21/08, Love Co, OK
Died 12/11/93, Madill, OK
Teacher, Co. Superintendent, Oil, St. Senator
James Howard Edmondson * D 1959-1963 Born 9/27/25, Muskogee, OK
Died 11/17/71, OKC
Military, Lawyer, Co. Attorney, U.S. Senator
Henry Louis Bellmon * R 1963-1967 Born 9/3/21, Tonkawa, OK Military, State Rep., Farmer, U.S. Senator
Dewey Follett Bartlett R 1967-1971 Born 3/28/19, Ohio
Died 3/1/79, unknown
Military, Oil, State Senator, U.S. Senate
David Hall D 1971-1975 Born 10/20/30, OKC Military, Co. Attorney, Professor
David Lyle Boren D 1975-1979 Born 4/21/41, Washington DC Lawyer, State Rep., U.S. Senate, President of the University of OK
George Patterson Nigh * D 1979-1987 Born 6/9/27, McAlester, OK Military, Teacher, St. Rep., Lt. Gov., University of Central OK President
Henry Louis Bellmon * R 1987-1991 See earlier entry  
David Lee Walters * D 1991-1995 Born 11/20/51, Canute, OK State Employee, Associate Provost OUHSC, Real Estate
Francis Anthony Keating R 1994-2002 Born 2/10/44, St. Louis, MO FBI Agent, Asst DA, St. Rep., St. Senator, U.S. Attorney, Asst Secretary of Treasury
Brad Henry D 2003- Born 1964, Shawnee, OK Attorney, State Senator


George Washington Steele: first Territorial governor
William Cary Renfrow: only Democrat to serve as Territorial Governor
William Miller Jenkins:  removed from office
Frank Frantz:  last Territorial Governor
Charles Nathaniel Haskell:  First State Governor
Jack Callaway Walton:  impeached from office
Henry Simpson Johnston:  impeached from office
Raymond Dancel Gary:  first Governor to be born in OK since statehood
James Howard Edmondson:  youngest governor in the history of the state, 34 yrs
Henry Louis Bellmon:  first Republican Governor and first Governor ever to be elected to that office, then elected to US Senate, then Governor again.
George Patterson Nigh:  youngest elected Lt. Governor, was the 17th Governor for 9 days after Gov. Edmondson resigned, 21st Governor serving 5 days after Gov. Boren resigned, elected 1978 as 22nd Governor and re-elected in 1982.
David Lee Walters:  while in office pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor election violation.