Governor Frank Keating
FY-2001 Executive Budget

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Section 1 (includes parts of the Budget Book listed here -- 477 kb)

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Cover, OSF Budget Staff, Cabinet Assignments, Acknowledgement Letter, Table of Contents
Governor's Message
Governor's Goals, Organizational Chart
State Agencies by Cabinet Department, Cabinet Biographies


Section 2 (includes parts of the Budget Book listed here -- (382 kb)

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Economic Policy--Current Assessment of of the Economy
Economic Policy--Oklahoma's Tax Structure
Budget Policy--Fiscal Philosophy, Budget Reductions, Information Systems, Competition in Government, Purchasing Reform, Personnel reform and Employee Compensation
Capital Budget, Operating Budget


Operating Budget-By Cabinet
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State Human Resources
Administration and Regulation Military Affairs
Agriculture Safety and Security
Commerce Science and Technology Development
Education Tourism and Recreation
Energy Transportation
Environment Veterans Affairs
Finance and Revenue Legislature
Health and Human Resources Judiciary

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Summary of Funding and Expenditures (by cabinet and fund)

FY-2001 Summary of Appropriations
Schedule of Outstanding Debt
Glossary for Outstanding Debt Schedule

Capital Outlay - Status of Existing Projects

Rainy Day Fund Spreadsheet
Summary of FTEs (pdf file)
General Appropriations Bill Recommendation

Governor's Commission on Government Performance
Demographic Maps and Tables
Oklahoma's Budgeting Process, The Budget Cycle, Funds Subject to Appropriation

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